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As slap bassists, we've decided to gather all of our favorite slap bass gear, riffs, practice and playing tips. Remember to have fun when you slap the bass, because that's what funk is all about... fun! Below is an example of slap bass guitar by Jim Lee, the author of FunkyChops.

Your Secret to Better Slap Bass

Play funky slap bass guitar riffs without theory. Beginner to pro.

Learn how to slap your bass guitar with amazing speed.

Playing with a drummer is a fast way to improve at bass.

Slap Bass Guitar Set-Up
Ampeg Amps are my favorite... They have great tone and are very rugged. If you've ever played through an Ampeg, you know what I mean. One of my first bass amps was an Ampeg combo. It had a 15" speaker and great tone. MusicMan Bass Guitars are the "King of Funk". They have a really punchy tone that no other brands have. The most popular model is the Stingray bass guitar... I like the Sterling a little better, it's basically a modern Stingray. It has a smaller body and active EQ. It's not a cheap bass guitar, but it's worth every cent. MusicMan Basses are built rock solid. My favorite strings are Ernie Balls, the ones in the pink packaging. They're light enough for poppy slapping, but not too light. Ernie Ball Bass Strings are like Ernie Ball MusicMan Basses... great quality.

Slap Bass Guitar Players
I have many Bass influences but recently I've gotten into James Jamerson. Did you know that James Jamerson was the bass player on most of the Mowtown Recordings... Mowtown Recordings had more Hits than the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Elvis combined. WOW! From what I currently have learned about him, he really paved the way for bass players... I believe that before James Jamerson, the popular notion of the bass guitar in a band was just to play the root notes of the song. James Jamerson introduced rhythmic and melodic grooves as a bass player. He's not known for slapping, but he sure was funky. Some of my other favorite bass players are Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, Jacko Pastorius , and Flea. I saw Victor Wooten perform with Bela Fleck in a amphitheater in Dayton, Ohio. Wow, what a show... he's a Human Metronome. Primus always puts on a great solid show. They're one of the bands that actually sound better live! Les Claypool is all over the place on both the electric bass and the Upright Bass. I've seen Flea play several times and he's got the rock slap funk. He was one of my first introductions to slap bass. Thank you Flea.

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FunkyChops Slap Bass Video
Learn how to play slap bass with the FunkyChops method. Are you bored with traditional, theory-oriented instruction that's just no fun? Have no fear... FunkyChops™ "101 Funky Slap Bass Riffs" is here!

Available as an instant download or cdrom, this instruction incorporates audio and video in a simple play-by-ear method. No tab, no notation or no theory. So, grab your bass and a cold beverage, you've got some slappin' to do!

Find out how to get that slap sound out of your bass guitar. FunkyChops features 101 Slap Bass Riffs played in three speeds (Slow, Medium, Fast). Beginner to pros really like it:

Bass Player Testimonies

"I've received the cd and it's what I hoped it would be, this is a real break through for me as I've tried learning slapping myself and with a teacher and didn't do very well, I'm already slapping the basics... let me know when you release another one (any style). Thanks a lot!" Danny, Australia

"your funky chops has made me a monster on me new EB Stingray 4. I always played a 5 string modulus before that and never did much slap stuff. Super fun on the 4 string, still having a hard time on that double thumb technique though, how long did that take you to master?" Shaun

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Slap Bass Riff of the Week
This slap bass riff is played by Jim Lee, author of FunkyChops slap bass instruction video.

Hear the slap bass riff
Bass Guitar Super Speed
The DoubleThump technique will take your slap bass playing to the next level. Learn how to do the double slap and speed-up your thumb.
Jam with a Drummer
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Slap Bass Strings

Ernie Ball 2834 Super Slinky Round Wound Bass Strings Ernie Ball Super Slinky Round Wound Bass Strings They're light enough for poppy slapping, but not too light.

Other slap bass string suggestions: D'addairo, Fender, GHS, Ken Smith.

Slap Bass Guitar

Music Man StingRay 4-String Electric Bass Guitar White Rosewood Fretboard  
Music Man StingRay bass guitar... the king of slap bass guitars.

Other slap bass guitar suggestions: Warwick, Ibanez, Rickenbacker.

Slap Bass Amp

Ampeg SVT-CL Classic Bass Head
Ampeg SVT Bass Amp a classic with a monster tone.

Other slap bass amp suggestions: David Eden, SWR, GK.

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